What Competition Class am I in? How many cumulative points do I have?

It should be under the Competitions menu item and then the first down named General Info. After clicking there you will see a page with an article that says 'Competition Points at start of xxxx-yyyy Club Year". Clicking on that will display a PDF with points and classes for the current club year.

Why is the entry deadline for Print competitions after the Competition deadline?
Do I need to submit digital images for a Print Competition?

The digital image files are only used to create a web gallery of the winning images. They are not required for the competition (currently). The digital entry competition is left open past the Competition date to give the winners time to upload their images if they have not done so before the Competition.

I can’t login to Digital Entry. How do I reset the password? (Note: there is currently a problem in this area, so it does not work at this time.)

Go to http://stlcameraclub.com/digital-entry and click the link associated with “Click Here if you have forgotten your password”.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email when I submitted an image to Digital Entry. Is my image really there?

Login back into Digital Entry, Lok on the line for the competition in question. If an image has been successfully submitted, you will see 2 links: View Entry and Remove Entry. If you want to submit a different image, Click on Remove Entry and resubmit.

How do I submit an image to competitions?

See the Competitions menu on the website, item General Information. There is an article there titled “Digital Entry Instructions”.