The Focus Group is an interactive group created to augment regular club meetings, outside classes, and self-practice. It will provide a social culture of sharing knowledge and resources while each Club member follows their photography journey. We will develop personal connections between newer, novice, and experienced members during monthly Monday meetings, Saturday outings and additional gatherings.

If you are a new member, this will be where you will get to know other members, get support and mentoring, and become engaged in Club activities. New members are eligible for the Rookie Competition for 2 Club years. You are a Rookie if you joined the Club after July 1, 2015.

If you have been a member for more than 2 Club years, this is where you can garner new relationships and keep up with old friends during the interactive Focus Group meetings and outings. We will have time to share our ideas, ask questions, and receive encouragement while encouraging others. We will practice, develop our goals, and gain new skills.

We have a Full Circle Curriculum which can be used as a basic roadmap to full integration into the Club. Mentors can be found to guide anyone along their knowledge quest. Please contact a Focus Group Committee member for a link-up.

Refer to the Camera Club website for up-to-date announcements, meeting times and locations. ( links to other articles?)