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Share Your Knowledge - Become a Resource An Interest/Activity Based Resource Directory

One of the greatest assets of the St. Louis Camera Club is the almost limitless storehouse of photographic knowledge accumulated by our membership. Of equal importance and a major contributor to our success as a camera club over the years, is our members' willingness to share their knowledge with anyone who asks.

Yet, while this expertise is apparent in virtually all areas of photographic interest, the members who have this knowledge are largely unknown to our newer members and many of our older members as well. For example, who can we contact for help with macro photography, architectural photography, travel, equipment or perhaps a critique on an image?

In an effort to address these needs we are compiling a Resource Directory of members who are willing to share their knowledge with others on an informal, one-on-one basis. The anticipated results of this effort are increased photographic knowledge and proficiency for all club members as well as an opportunity, based on a common interest, to get to know each other as people rather than just a name tag in a meeting.

What is a Resource?

By agreeing to become a Resource in one or more areas, you are simply letting it be known that:

    1.  you have above average knowledge or even expertise in a given area
    2. you are willing to share that knowledge with other club members.

What's involved and how much time is required? That is completely up to you. Interaction with a club member seeking help may involve nothing more than an exchange of emails or phone calls to resolve a particular issue, or an in-person get-together if you think significantly more assistance is required. In either case, that determination is completely up to you based on your knowledge, available time and schedule!

What if I can't solve the problem? Nobody has all the answers; and for that reason, Resource Providers are encouraged to sign up for multiple categories to ensure that there will be several volunteers for each area of interest.

What if I don't want to continue as a Resource anymore? By agreeing to become a Resource, you are NOT making a commitment for any specific length of time or to help a certain number of people. You may add or delete categories at any time or opt out of the program entirely.

How can I become a resource?

View the  Resource Directory Sign Up sheet,

After reviewing the Sign Up sheet, just send Dick Glass an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) telling him what areas you are willing to provide help. You don't need to download, scan and copy the form.

The Resource Directory will appear on our website when completed and will be updated periodically.

What's in it for me?

1. That wonderful feeling you get when you help someone else.

2. The satisfaction you get knowing, that by sharing your knowledge, you have helped a fellow club member improve his craft.

3. Being an integral part of a groundbreaking program that will be instrumental in leading the St. Louis Camera Club forward by providing a valuable resource to all our members.

Become a Resource - Share Your Knowledge 

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