St Louis Camera Club Website Changes and the Digital Yearbook

The following updates have been made to the website.

Under the Member Info menu Item:

Digital Yearbook 

This page shows the PDF of the 2016-2017 Yearbook, minus the member directory and the schedule/calendar of meetings and events. The Yearbook PDF may be downloaded and printed if you desire.

Additionally, a text version of the calendar is available for download on this page. It is in a format similar to what was in the the printed Yearbook last year. The most current list of events and details is still on the website calendar. The upcoming meetings and events are shown on the homepage and a link is there to view the entire calendar. The calendar is also accessible via the About Us menu item (Club Calendar).

Online Yearbook

This menu item has subitems that currently contain the bylaws and competition rules and etiquette. This will be expanded over the upcoming year to include more items so it will be easy to get to topics instead of paging through a PDF.

Members Only menu item

This item will show nothing until you login. After successfully authenticating by entering a login and password you will be able to view things limited to just camera club members. These include the member directory (formerly only in the Yearbook), Board Meeting Minutes, and the ability to create a “For Sale” ad on the website. More details on that later.

Unfortunately, your current password used of digital entry can not be retrieved and used for the new website login. I will use the same login id (generally your email address) that is used for Digital Entry, but with a different password. These will be two totally different logins, each with separate passwords. This is unfortunate, but the only way I could get the technology to work. If someone has experience with PHP, security and encryption that might have an idea on how to synchronize or merge them to be the same..... I am all ears.

This new login id and password will be emailed to you soon. Probably this weekend (8/21).