Photographing Flowers with Lensbaby - Jane Palmer - Oct 16, 2019 - Open Digital

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Jane Palmer is a nurse practitioner in anesthesia (35 years!).  She took up photography 15 years ago and was primarily a landscape shooter She calls herself a reluctant scuba diver, she was terrified of water and didn't learn to swim until she was 50 years old.  

She took up underwater photography after 3 years of diving, and was immediately hooked; a perfect combo of her love for the ocean and for photography.  She is currently teaching basic and underwater photography classes as well as leading trips to exotic places with an emphasis on underwater photography through Y-kiki Divers in Creve Coeur.  

Her midlife crisis didn't involve sports cars but rather underwater camera gear!  She think the sports car might have been less expensive!  But not nearly as much fun.


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