Print Competition Rule change

Monday, September 18, 2017

Print Competition Rule Change

In case you missed it, the Board of Directors approved the following rule change concerning Prints.

Page 16 of the Yearbook:

Conditions of Entry
Print Sections
Item 4

While prints must be brought to the competitions, digital images of the entries must be submitted before the published deadline (normally midnight of the Sunday before the Wednesday competition). Failure to submit a digital image of an entry by the published deadline disqualifies that entry.

So, starting this club year, Print competition digital deadlines submission deadlines are Sunday nights, just like regular projected club competitions.  By 11:59pm on Sundays you must submit the digital version of your print online like regular projected competitions.  Then, as in all previous years, you will bring your actual print to the club competition on Wednesdays by 7:00 p.m. 

This will allow a few things:  

1. Judges can preview images ahead of competitions for initial thoughts and impressions just like projected competitions; 

2. We can project the digital version of your print during the comment portion of the competition (i.e. no more off-color still image captures during the commentary!); and 

3. We can quickly post the results online as we are able to do now with the projected competitions instead of waiting for images to be uploaded after the meeting. 

Upon print submission at the club, your print will be checked against the online submissions to ensure it was entered properly by the deadline. 

IMPORTANT: this process is a requirement--prints brought to the competition that were not entered by Sunday night's deadline will, unfortunately, have to be disqualified.  If you have any questions, please contact any member of the Board of Directors or Mike Jeffries, Print Committee Chairman.

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