March 10th, 2018
9 am - 4 pm
$60 members, $75 non-members
lunch included

Ethical Society of St Louis (Auditorium)
9001 Clayton Road
St Louis MO 63117

Registration is closed. There may be a few walk up spots available on Saturday.


The speaker is Karen Kasmauski who to date has produced 25 major stories for National Geographic.


Pam Caraffa, Seminar co-lead, went on a photo tour to Japan with Karen Kasmauski in 2015. She describes her experience below:

Karen was an excellent teacher – clear, passionate, always available to help, and attentive to each person’s needs. She gave short seminars during the trip and I learned a lot from each one because Karen is articulate and gave many examples of what she was talking about, for instance - photographing light or getting a compelling angle to grab the viewer’s eye.  She is a terrific story teller, both in her images and in her communications.

She’s a very facile photographer in most genres.  Distinguished National Geographic Photographer Sam Abell put it best when he was in St. Louis a couple of years ago and I mentioned that I would be on tour with her.  He said I was very fortunate to be with her, that she was one of the very best photographers at National Geographic, in his opinion, and one of the very few who are great teachers as well.


She leads photography workshops for them, teaches journalism and photography at prestigious universities, as well as going on assignments all over the world for clients. She has published two books, both of which have been nominated for a Pulitzer prize.

Karen shoots landscapes, nature, travel and photojournalism images, as well as fine art pictures. She will bring examples of all these and talk about why she shot them the way she did, and what she had to consider and do to get the picture she wanted. She will also talk about making a photograph of something which seems to be unattractive at first glance but which needs to be presented in such a way that viewers would notice it and spend time looking at it. New and experienced photographers will find plenty to think about and to learn after listening to her speak of her own experiences and challenges. She has covered earthquakes in Japan, been arrested in Africa, and exposed to radiation in Russia.

To learn more about her please visit her website at www.kasmauski.com where you will be able to see examples of her work in her Portfolio, read of some of her adventures and see more shots in her in her Blog, and read some of her work history in her Biography.

Ticket prices have been held steady and will be $60 for members, and $75 for non members, the same as last year. There will also be Free tickets to be won! Anyone who sells 3 tickets will win one free one. And if anyone sells 6 tickets they will win two free ones. This could be quite a lucrative opportunity for anyone willing to give it a shot!

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