Competition Manager Team Volunteers Needed  -- Contact Bob Rickert for more details

Each Club projected image or print competition requires some work ahead of the competition to allow judges to review and or judge the images.

The Competition Manager Team works with the member or non-member judges a few days prior to each competition to provide direction on how to review/judge images.  The volunteer also coordinates with the Projection and Print Teams to facilitate the competition judging.

The volunteer time requirement is limited and will be spread out among several Competition Manager Team Members.  Most of the volunteer time is done at home and attending all Club meetings is not a requirement.

The volunteer should have good computer skills and be willing to be trained on the use of the Club judging processes on the Club web site.

Bob Rickert will continue to lead the team for club year 2018-19 and will train two or three volunteers.

Read on to see the job description --

Competition Manager Team Job Description

The Competition Manager Team coordinates several processes for the weekly competitions in order that judging can be completed prior to the competition nights for all competitions except prints.  In the case of print competitions many processes are identical, but the actual judging occurs live on the night of the competition. 

Requirements of the Positions –

Team members will have a complete familiarity with the judging workflow using the Visual Pursuits software on the Club’s Web Site and the Image Competition Manager (the software used to present competitions which syncs with the Web Site).  These processes are well documented and the volunteers for this team will receive training using the Visual Pursuits Video Tutorials.

Ability to follow-up with internal and external judges during the week prior to each competition and Monday through Wednesday of the week of the competition.  This involves sending an email out the week prior to each competition and a follow-up email on Monday of the competition week.  These emails detail the way the judging will be completed.  The emails are based on templates which have been created and used.

Ability to follow-up with a judge to make certain the judge is not having difficulty using the judging software.  This will occur Monday or Tuesday of the competition week.  This follow-up may also include assisting the judge in troubleshooting problems.  The judging system on our web site is straightforward so this does not require a great deal of time.

Ability to work with the Projection and Print Teams to coordinate judging processes.

Specific Tasks and Approximate Time Requirements

Week prior to each competition

Confirm that the judge is properly set-up as the competition judge in the Visual Pursuits Software.  This may require setting up an external judge with a “judging” membership with the Club.

                                                                                                                                       Time Required 15 minutes

Send out an email to the judge which describes the judging process.  This email can be sent to either a Club member or as a follow-up email to one sent to an external judge (Currently being sent out by Dick Glass).  Generally sent out Thursday.                                                                  

Time Required 15 minutes

Week of the Competition

Send out an email Monday AM following-up on the judging process          Time Required 15 minutes

Week of Competition (Projected Images, Nature, Travel, Photo Journalism)

After judging has been completed and all awards have been granted by the judge, confirm that the judging has been completed correctly and that the Visual Pursuits software correctly reflects the images with awards posted and sync the results with the Image Competition Manager software. 

Time required 15 minutes


Week of Competition (Color or Mono Prints)

Judging for prints does not occur prior to the competition like projected images because the prints must be examined by the judge during the competition.  To accomplish this, the Club uses the Image Competition Manager to project the print images during the competition and to record results of the judging during the competition.

The judge will review the prints in the same order as they are seen in Image Competition Manager.  A list of the print images needs to be given to the Print Section Chair Person prior to the competition so that the prints submitted at the competition can be put into the correct order for viewing by the judge.

The Competition Manager syncs the Image Competition Manager prior to the competition and prints out the list at home and then delivers the list to the Print Section Chair either via email of in person at the competition.                                                                                          

Time required 15 minutes



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