2017-2018 Club Year

Effective May 1, 2017


President: Paul Fisher
Vice President: Donna Parrone
Treasurer: Bob Rickert
Recorder: Tony Vogel
Secretary: David Altman


Dick Glass
Kymberliblu Birkenkamp
Bud Hirsch
Pam Caraffa
Susan Standish
Marge Rosenthal 

At Large Board Members

Past President
  Bernard Gerdelman
  Randy Oleson

The 13 people listed above serve on the Board of Directors.


Committee Chairman

Program Chairman: Donna Parrone

Projected Image: Jeff Hirsch

Nature:  Don York

Prints: Mike Jeffries

Photo Travel: Bud Hirsch

Photojournalism:   Susan Thomson

Long & Short Photo Essay: Jeff Hirsch

PSA Interclub: Kim Mulkey Young

Yearbook Editor:  Marilyn Nordmann

Picnic: Karen Clark and Pam Caraffa

Miss. Valley Salon Chair:  Mike Jeffries

Membership Chairman:  Betty Fisher

Seminar: Sandy Pollock

Webmaster:  Randy Oleson

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